About Us

A family run establishment for over 38 years, Le Paris Grill has a proud history of serving classic French food and wine to generations of patrons since 1978.

The restaurant, started by husband and wife team Michel and Pat Trouard-Riolle is now in its 3rd incarnation on Crutched Friars, EC3 having previously been located on Bury Street and before that, London Wall.

Many customers will remember the collection of ties which were sometimes cut from around their owners’ necks and which are still displayed on the walls. It’s a brave man who wears a loud tie here on his birthday!!

A collection of the menus from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s is on display in the entrance foyer. Particular highlights from the early days were grilled sardines for 85p and rump steak and frites at £2.90!

The restaurant is now run by Michel and Pat’s son, Christophe who is determined to combine the best traditions of classic French cooking with an individual approach to service and hospitality.



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